Suggestion for a better LinkedIn

I think most of us know what LinkedIn is: The sometime satirized site for people to post resumes and ancillary information about their professional lives and qualifications. While searching there for positions to apply for, I ran across this:


See if you can spot what I’m writing about.

Answer:The top two are non-English job postings (Spanish/Portugueze and some Cyrillic-using language).

To be clear, I don’t have an issue with postings being in a language other than English, most obviously when there is a need for people fluent in the language. I do wonder though, if there should be a way to filter these out, such as by selecting an option “Only show postings in [language(s)]” somewhere in the search. I checked the search function on LinkedIn, but it doesn’t appear to have that capability.

Also, that Cyrillic-using bank is looking for almost 10 000 people. Wow.


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