In over my head

I’ve been playing a so-called “grand strategy” computer game for years now. Not the same game itself, but the same software. Unfortunately I’ve gotten something of an addiction to it. Nothing I can’t set down when I need to, which I have when I needed to work on something else.

Essentially this game involves playing as the head of a country and trying to surpass other countries over several centuries. There are the usual wars, but also diplomacy and finantial concerns, local affairs and multiple balancing acts to keep things going smoothly.

Anyway, I’ve been playing as England/Great Britain and got several (game-time) centuries into it before a “disaster” happened. These are preprogramed events that are meant to seriously challenge the player. Well, I’ve got quite beaten and feel like giving this particular game up. I’m seriously outgunned and have multiple rebels going off everywhere and no way to fight them off.

This is making me sigh for two reasons. First, I’ve put alot of work into this game so I wanted to carry it to a conclusion. I may yet, I don’t know. Secondly, up until now it had been going really well, so I felt a little like I was cycling down hill and suddenly had a blowout!

Fortunately I can distract myself with the phone interview I’m having tomorrow.


One thought on “In over my head

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