Hoping v. fearing, in re the Civil Service

I had mentioned that I am being considered for a position in the civil service (see here). Per the rules, they have to consider three people at least who are at the top of the list. I was one of them and got an interview.

The interview was pretty straightforward. First HR went over things like ethics and retirement planning, after that, the subject matter persons came in. They explained their work for about 45 minutes and then asked me questions for the other 45 minutes. At the end, one of them stated that they thought it went really well, and also that my previous work aligned well with my prospective duties on the staff.

Even so, I’ve gotten this far before and then not gotten it that I have a fear of that happening again. Really the annoyance I think is that the entire process is so hard to control. You really furbish up your resume and cover letter (if applicable) and send them off and then there’s nothing to do. If they call for an interview, then you go on the interview and try your best, and then there’s nothing to do.

These waiting periods are extremely annoying for people like me who want to be doing something productive/useful but can’t because of the (appropriate) separation from the HR process. We just have to find something else to do to occupy our minds, and try and hope and not fear.

Fortunately, fear doesn’t negatively affect my chances either. Four days until I can start hoping for a phone call.


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