Time to wait

According to my interviewers, I should be hearing something about my application status next week (March 21 – March 26).

Similarly, the canvassing period for another couple of positions ends March 18, so I might get contacted for an interview the week after, March 21 – 26.

That leaves me with a week (7 days) of waiting for news. As if to make it even harder1, the weather service says it will rain all week.

What I should be doing is writing entertaining blog posts for all you who read me, but I cannot promise I will have interesting matter to talk about. This feels like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel right now, to be honest.

As a side note, I’ve been rejected for positions with the NRC and a generic pharmaceutical firm today. Trying to be this kind of engineer in this part of the world isn’t easy. I’m glad I’m not completely alone or I would be a mess, if even that well off.

The Civil Service still hasn’t told me what I got on my exam from last December. That was the time I got sick from being in a room with other people taking the test. Very annoying and test was crap.

  1. I know it’s really not that hard to wait when you have a place to live and food to eat, so it is really a “first world problem”. 

One thought on “Time to wait

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