More coop area cleaning, but more up in the air

Yesterday was a nice day (warmish, no precipitation, a little wind) so I did some work on cleaning up the swampland behind the cycen coop and yard. I had mentioned doing this before.

Alot of it was trash on the order of old tarps and such like, but there were some large plastic and cast iron pipes that were worth saving. They are now stacked off to the side. Unfortunately there is alot of swampgrass that is dead from the winter and just laying there.

If nothing else, I took two feed bags full of old trash over to the dumpster along with a cartload of other miscellaneous trash I had pickt up in the garden cart. I think that is something good.

If the Civil Service doesn’t pan out I will expand the powltry yard to include grassier areas. If it does and I have to move to the capital, then I will have to give away or sell the cycens, which will be sad, but I can’t be too choosy here.


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