I mentioned a while ago I had an interview coming up. It happened. The position appears to be interesting, though it would require me to move. That’s far from the end of the world though. I knew there weren’t many jobs in this particular location. I think I’d rather like living in the state capital.

I’m not lying about the state capital bit. The office I would be in directly looks at the state capitol (the building) and is an impressive bit of past-century architecture. The capitol itself, maybe I’ll be able to visit it some time?

The interview was pretty much standard for the state service. First two people from HR going over some basics (insurance, ethics, professional standards and similar) and then the two people who would potentially be “over” me, that is, I would report to people who would report to people … who would report to them. According to the second pair, the interview went well (!), so I am hopeful.

When I returned home (the trip was so long my right heel got tired from having to constantly keep on the accelerator pedal), I found a canvass letter from ANOTHER part of the state government, asking if I was interested in a position they had open! It was too late to call them, but I will do so tomorrow and let them know I am interested.

Finally, I got an Email from the current firm I work for part time, mentioning they had some work I could do for them.

And this week is supposed to be warm and dry. You couldn’t make it up, but it all works out well. A general flood of things after a somewhat barren weekend.


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