A properly loud Kentucky official

One way to waste some time is to take a look at the webpages and press releases of the various state auditors/comptrollers (and the Feds, who have a WordPress.) and see what they say about their work.

For example, the current Kentucky auditor (Michael Harmon) has some choice comments about parts of his state:

“The former administration [of Prestonsburg] was cutting sweetheart deals for itself, wasting taxpayer dollars and generally running the city for the benefit of a few,” State Auditor said.

A real zinger:

“This city [West Buechel] of roughly 1,300 residents is a mess,” State Auditor said. “I’d say it has been run poorly, but I’m not sure it was being run at all. […] ”

If you feel like trolling the Wayback Machine, you can find similar comments going back to Crit Luallen or maybe earlier. Now if only he would audit KENPAVE

1 thought on “A properly loud Kentucky official

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