Lost and/or stoln mail tubs

For some reason, the (United States) Postal Service seems to lose, or have deliberately “lost” from, those white plastic wire reinforced plastic tubs, also called totes, alot. I’m talking about these things.

About a month ago, I found a slightly misshapen one in a dumpster I dive in, and today on a return trip from an appointment, there were two on the side of the road!1 Fortunately there wasn’t any mail in any of them, or I would have to report it as MAIL DUMPING.

The Postal Inspection people used to have a website and a little Flash video about mail dumping, starring a disgruntled mail carrier, but it is now no longer online that I can find.

Just an idea, they (the USPS) should take up a side line selling these tubs officially, since they are practically indestructable and highly useful, which is probably why they are being kept by people. Not sure why they’re being lost though. Carelessness?

  1. Yes I returned them, to an unmanned postoffice on the way home. I hope they don’t get taken illicitly and lost AGAIN. 

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