Office integration in File History

At the risk of posting so many Microsoft Windows-related posts that I’m accused of being a fanboy, I will share this discovery I made today.

In Windows 10, Office 2013 integrates into File History (the sometimes confused default backup tool in Windows 8 and Windows 10) so you can view your backed up files without having to restore them.

Here’s how to see it:

  1. Set up File History on a PC running Windows 10 with Office 2013 installed.
  2. Create some office files (I use Excel alot, so I know that works).
  3. Wait for them to be backed up.
  4. Open the folder you have stored them in.
    1. You have to do this the hard way if they are on the Desktop. Use File Explorer.
  5. Click the office file.
  6. On the ribbon, click “History” in the “Open” group in the “Home” tab.
  7. Wait for the file to be pulled from the backup drive.
  8. View the file.

Here is an example of an Excel file I used to calculate fuel economy of two vehicles:


(I redacted the names of the tabs and the file location)

I find this neat. There was nothing that required Microsoft to do this, and it is quite out of the way, but still, it is neat.

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