The tiresome waiting game

I had an interview exactly two weeks ago at a large local firm. It went quite well, I was impressed with them and I think they liked me.

The last question I asked of the interviewers was when to expect a further contact and what to do if I didn’t get one by then. I was told to contact the head of HR (this isn’t a multinational-size company, so the head of HR isn’t unreachable) if I hadn’t heard back by the 24th.

I hadn’t heard anything by Email or phone by then, so I called and had to leave a message. Nothing happened, so I waited some more and now it’s been two weeks since the interview. I called again and also left a message again.

Now, there are two possibilities I can see:

  1. They don’t want me.
  2. They have some reason for not getting back to me.

For the first, a simple rejection letter would be appropriate and cleanly and professionally end the connection between us.

For the second, I have to wait and see, but how long do I have to wait before writing them off and potentially accepting a different position elsewhere? This is unpleasant on my end, and may result in an unpleasant surprize on THEIR end if they think that they can hold people in this limbo for a long time.


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