Further cleaning in the coop

The weather was unlikelyly warm today. It was supposed to get to the 50s (°F), but I think it got to @least 60 °F. This has melted almost all of the snow on the ground, except for the huge piles that are on the edges of parking lots. If nothing else, we have significantly muddier ground now, because it is still frozen down below the surface.

There is a ditch on the property (actually two) that dreign off the hill across the street. I took a walk down the main one and a little ways up the side one untill they hit a culvert that marks the boundary of the property. I found:

  1. My booties have a leak in them, so my one foot got wet.
  2. A very rusty gasolene can on the tributary stream.
  3. A tire, complete with rim, that still floated.
  4. Four or so sheets of heavy glass, unbroken.

If there is a dry spell this summer or spring, and I haven’t moved, I would like to pick that trash up.

Anyway, about the coop.

I had promised myself and the chickens earlier that I would clean the coop out some. I have done a little of that, but it is not finisht. I moved some old pieces of wood out that had accumulated in there, and also took out some rusty old empty watering fountains that had rusted on account of my carelessly putting ACV into them years ago. If they can’t be used for something else, I will discard them as unfit for use.

After rearranging, I had a shelf I could put things on, so I set up the various chick sized waterers and feeders for future use. I won’t be getting any chicks this year I don’t think, but I will keep them in reserve.

Anyway, it is still a coop, but it is much nicer now I think and better for the chickens.

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