Some chicken pix

I was down in the coop a-working on it, and while doing so, took some pics of the cycens that inhabit it.

First, and least important to the flock, but my favorite, the Cochin hen:


IT IS SO CUTE. You can’t really tell by the picture, but IT IS SO CUTE.

Next is the Cock that was once the top Cock, but now has been beaten up by the Jersey Giant Cock and is now hiding all the time. It is a Dorking.


You can see the scabs on its Comb and a little frostbite on its wattle. The cape or Hackle feathers had been very bloody for a while, but they have since been washed clean. He should be able to survive nicely once the weather warms up and I expand the yard.

Currently he is perched on the top bar of the nesting boxes. The blue pegboard is a left over from when the coop was a garden Shed. The stuff on the shelf under it is some trash I want to remove soon (see link in previous paragraph).

Finally, another Cock-photoe:


The third Cock of the Flock, a Salmon Faverolle(s), was an “extra” free from the hatchery (McMurray). You can’t really see it in this pic, but it has feather legs, and a beard of feathers which get wet when it drinks! It also holds its hackle feathers out away from its head a good deal, so it looks sortof like a llama!

More pix if anyone requests them.


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