Roost work in the coop

As mentioned previously, the roosts in the coop of my chickens weren’t very good and needed to be improved. I did so today.

First, a picture I took previous to fixing the roosts:


You can see the broken support in the middle. It was a metal frame bracket support of something that was nailed (poorly) to the upright sistered piece. With the original two roosts on it, the nails started to pull out and it has been like that ever since.

In consequence of this, the thing was at an angle the entire time, going from very close to the roof to a good space from it as you went along the beam.

The new r00sts:


Now the new roosts are:

  1. Lower down, so the cycens wont have as much trouble perching. Before they had difficulty in getting themselves settled because they were hitting the board than ran across the top of the beams to that the roof rafters rested on.
  2. More safely supported. Instead of that nasty old metal bracket that kept getting in the way when they walked on the droppings board.
  3. Bigger. In the summer they can spread out if they want to. I expect in the winter they will still close ranks.

I left the one roost longer than the droppings board so they could still get close to the window when it is open in the summer. I may trim it back later on.

Ofcourse I expect that this will provoke a little trouble because it is different and will be strange seeming to them, but if I can train them to roost again, I will call this a success.

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