When the weather gets warm…

…I intend to furbish up the cycen coop I currently have.


Remove trash

Kindof explanatory. There is alot of accumulated nonsense in there that should be moved out and discarded or thrown away. Some can be repurposed. Especially in the entryway there are miscellaneous things that can be moved out and around.

There are also a bunch of tools in there that should go in other places for easier reach, and less poop on the handles as well (post hole digger for one).

Partially done: I still have to work on the entryway and collect some of the tools left behind, but it is a start.

Fix roosts

Currently there is one long roost that overhangs the droppings board by too much and lets poop on the floor. That should be trimmed back. Additionally, there one of the supports for the roost is broken badly and needs to be replaced with a solid block of wood. Finally, I would like to have two roosts so they can fly up there with more space. This will entail lowering the support in the corner a little, it is currently too close to the roof.

Done, and considerably ahead of when I thought I would.

Block off a corner under the nests

This corner is used by the Cochin to lay on the floor, which I don’t like. I want her to lay in a nest box, of which there are plenty. OTOH, the Dorking Cock hides in here to keep away from the big Cock, which attacks it.

Extend yard

Not really part of the coop itself, but the current yard is completely muddy. If I can make it larger they will have more area to scratch up and therefore be better. The grass might start growing back in the existing area too, I don’t know. The problem is, there is a spring outlet nearby, and I don’t want them drinking the muddy water there since it is probably parasitical. Nasty things.

I will instead expand the yard up along the house and so let them eat ferns and mount Vernon ivy, which there is a ton of already there.

Dig drainage

This is if I get really ambitious. Currently the water just pools there in a swamp very close to the coop and breeds moskitoes, which is aggravating. I started last year to dig a little trench to drain the water towards the ditch, but did not have a good time with it and got discouraged. Maybe this time, if I have the time, I’ll get it done?

If this works out, I should also be able to fix the “bridge” that is currently made up of old planks and such like and is just wide enough for the mower.

Done, amazingly.

Clean near yard

Similarly to this, in the swampy area is alot of old trash that makes it hard to mow the grass. I want to get rid of it. Previously I tried to sort it for scrap, but now I think I’ll just trash it all so it finally gets done. If I can manage both of these, it should make the area entirely mowable as mostly dry ground. Nice.

Fix leaky roof

This one I’m not sure about. There is a drip or two in the roof when it rains and I cannot figure out where it is. I’ve coated the roof twice (it is a tar-roof) with aluminum pouuder sealant but there is still this drip-drip. I have a bucket to catch the drips so the litter doesn’t get dry, but it’s less than ideal.

Clean yard

There is some trash in the coop Yard that I would like to remove and trash or scrap. Probably just trash, for the same reasons as mentioned above. I should do this while I’m also expanding the yard.

Take down leanto in yard

This depends on other people, but I would like to remove a leanto that is currently in bad condition and full of stuff. If I can do so, I will turn it into a little shaded area, with just a roof, or completely take it down altogether. I’m not sure which, if either, I will do.

If I do this I will have to put new glass in the windows and rehang a door in the doorway that is currently inside and has nothing in it. Ofcourse, the trash that is inside will have to go, though other people don’t think it’s trash. Sigh.


Updated Feb 27, 2016: Roosts fixt.

Updated Feb 28, 2016: Partially cleaned up.

Updated Mar 12, 2016: Did the ditch.

5 thoughts on “When the weather gets warm…

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