Stop touching me Microsoft!

As mentioned previously, I am using Windows 10 on my main PC. It is OK, but not really much better than Windows 7 for my purposes. It also engages in dubious rearrangements of file extension associations. (Side note: They did it again, but gave me a little toaster notification. I wasn’t fast enough to get a screenshot.)

Today, this happened:

I opened and was using the calculator (calc.exe). Not paying attention to the screen while keying in numbers, I missed the fact that it had done this on me:


This bizarre invitation to provide a rating had popped up in the app and stolen keyboard focus. The loss of my typing was minor matter (it was a simple product calculation). The loss of concentration was more annoying. The worst part is that Microsoft has adopted this tendency to hide irrelevant prompts that appear with no warning in basic OS tools.

No, thanks, indeed.

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