I’ve recently discovered (about 5 – 15 years after everyone else), that webcomics are a thing. Specifically, they exist for about every possible interest and experience and provide a validation of similar experiences. It’s a very approachable way of saying “This happened to me.” and everyone else reading it says “OOO so I’m not the only one!”

Doodling many months ago I came up with this, and decided to move it from my tablet to my PC to the Web, for all to see:


So far as I can tell, it is nearly universal, since everyone has experienced “YeY” feeling at least once in their life, possibly while standing up, or laying down (it’s ambiguous here). Anyway, I may do more of these, since I’ve gotten around to uploading this one from almost exactly 5 months ago.

Honestly the biggest thing that kept me from posting this was the fact that everyone else’s were so much better (I usually do this stuff at night, when slightly tired and the gloomier emotions come out). I’m somewhat incouraged to have gotten this far.

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