Sweet Cochins

I admit that I have a thing for Cochin hens (I’ve never been near a Cochin Cock). They are so sweet and cute and quiet. The ones I’ve had have all been in the background and run away from the higher powered hens. They are so soft (except when rained on) and can be squeezed and hugged, even if the CDC doesn’t like it.

I have have three Cochins in my life. The first two were years ago and bought from a local farmer. One was a bantam sized white Cochin and the other was a bigger, solid black with green sheen Cochin. The black one was incredibly soft and used to hide from the other chickens. I loved finding her in the bush and picking her out and stroking her, which confused her.

The white one was a little active thing, but still so cute. I remember she had black feathers occasionally around her neck or hackle or cape, but wasn’t so very soft as the black one. Sigh, I miss those Cochins.

My current Cochin is a partridge colored hen, which is the prettiest of them all, I think. It always is the first up on the roost in the night and hides from the other chickens. I think it may be the one that lays eggs on the ground, but I could be wrong.

Something I’ve noticed about all of these, is that they can’t jump down; they have to fly. The partridge one will fly a distance to get down from the roost instead of just hopping down on to the dropping board and then again down to the floor. I do not know if this is a genetical thing, or just the luck of the draw in my having three that are like that.


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