A thermodynamical warez group?

While searching on the Bing search engine (entertainingly, WordPress thinks that “Bing” is misspelled, as well as “WordPress”), I saw this on one of their side ads:


I know what they are advertising here: the steam tables with pressure units of PSIG (usually just “psig”) or pounds per square inch gauge.

For some reason though, it got capitalized like that. From experience being online over the years, I’ve come to associate that style of writing with the “warez” (organized software piracy) scene. Maybe there is a warez group called PSiG?

(quick check)

Yes there is, it appears to specialize in films and TV shows. I don’t know how to find out if one was named after the other (I’m not THAT conversant with the “scene”), but its amusing that Microsoft is inadvertently picking up on it as the “correct” way to write “psig”.

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