It gets dark early

…and my chickens are wet from it raining. The chicken Yard is a mud hole. I need to expand it so they have more grass to scratch up.

I got a full amount of eggs today and one I must have missed from yesterday, unless the Cocks are laying too. Speaking of which, I have three of them:

  • The top Cock, is a Dorking. Those birds keep their heads close to their body and have short legs, making them little torpedoe birds.
  • The black Jersey Giant, which is still growing and is surprizingly subordinate to the Dorking.
  • The Faverolle Cock. This is a lame little thing, that has crowed twice in maybe 7 months and almost never tries to gallant the hens. Is redeemed by its wild coloration and beard.

Time to go close the pop hole.


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