Bruker “the minispec” software was terrible

Another software rant this time, since my KENPAVE review got so many views.

I worked at a laboratory that had a Bruker “minispec” NMR analyzer. The thing itself was a neat little self-contained non-destructive testing device with HUGE magnets (kindof required) that you would put a test tube into, run a method, and get a result from.

Problem was, the software that ran the equipment was, like the majority of equipment software, terribly done. I remember that the output was presented in an Excel-like spreadsheet, but it was very brittle. Navigating with the cursor keys or trying to select ranges of cells would likely cause a minor freeze or possibly a complete crash of the program.

I have found that, with some exceptions, most software designed to interface with scientific or engineering equipment is given much less thought than the equipment itself, to the point that the software is terrible and an actual detriment to the system, the maker and the user.


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