Dirty so-called “privacy policy”

While looking around for positions to apply for, I ran across a certain semi-local company that had a position open I was interested in. Many companies have privacy policies you have to agree to in order to use their applicant tracking software (“HR software”, if you will).

Most of the time these are boilerplate warnings about data retention and who to contact about complaints. This company, however, had this:


In other words, they can take pictures of you, and then pair them up with a totally fake or unrepresentative quote and publish it and you can’t to anything about it. To go to an extreme example, they could give surveillance footage of you to a stock photos agency (“…entity designated by it…”), photoshop a gun onto you (“…including altering…”) and sell it to a rabid PAC (“…including any and all commercial use thereof whatsoever…”) and, in effect, do to your reputation what they want.

This unless someone who is better trained in law can provide corrections to my conjecture.

Fortunately their also otherwise unprofessional HR department decided not to hire me, so I don’t have to worry about this any more.

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