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Another Trolling book about a rabbit. Note that I don’t have the actual book, so I’ve got to do with this cover and the WorldCat summary:”Mrs. Baker and Jane realize they will have to feed a hungry rabbit so he will stop destroying the roses in the garden.”

The cover artist has managed to perfectly convey in the rabbit’s face the feeling school children get when they are caught doing something they find funny, but know is against the rules.

Lileks disclaimed against this style of textbook art some time ago on his site, so I will let the art criticism alone for fear of accidentally copying him. I do think the ears are disproportionately large and have thin borders though.

On the subject of WorldCat though, I am not sure about the 1980 copyright date. The art looks far older, maybe 1960s or 70s. A quick search on WorldCat for juvenile works with an “author” of Donald Silverstein (the illustrator for this one) turns up some as far back as 1969. This may have been one of the last that he illustrated if the 1980 date is correct.

On the subject of dates, at least OCLC is smarter than Amazon, which claims it is from 1997 (certainly not) and was written by someone (Ralph Peters) who didn’t write it. The actual author appears to be Sharon Peters. Unless one was a pseudonym for the other, I think it’s a mistake.

A final aside: WorldCat lists the author and illustrator under the field titled “Responsibility”, which almost makes it sound as though they did something wrong and are being arraigned for it.

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