Collecting countries on the blog!

When I first started the blog, I was quite entertained by getting a visit from the exotic to me country of Costa Rica. Since then I’ve seen a number of countries that I never thought I would receive interest from. I’ve seen Indonesia, Peru, Denmark and, I think I remember, Iran. Most of these were from interest in the oddly popular software KENPAVE.

At this rate, I might get a hit from every country on the list, possibly excepting the oceanic ones with too few roads to be interested in software like KENPAVE, and the really rare ones like Western Sahara.

3 thoughts on “Collecting countries on the blog!

  1. Joseph Nebus

    WordPress’s report of countries makes for fascinating reading, somehow. I’m glad to say I recognize most of them.

    The baffling country report I get is that some readers are listed as coming from the European Union. That’s fine enough, but then where are people from Italy, Germany, other countries soundly within the European Union coming from?

    There do seem to be fewer readers from China than I would expect, even granted that I write only in English.



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