Second-and-a-half-world electoral results

For some really bad animated chartjunk, I’ve found the Guatemalan Election Court’s page for the results of its current (2015) elections to be the worst everâ„¢. Go to their website and click “Resultados”. I defy you to not be put out by their misuse of animation.

Further, their bar graphs (scroll down) have a spurious third dimension.

Finally, when you click “Descargar Resultos” (download results) on the right column, you get an image of an error message (!).

I think whoever gave the Election Court this probably so-called “turnkey” system didn’t do as well as they might have for their client and/or country.

Update (October 24, 2015): they changed their site and I cannot find the results page with the bad graphics anymore.

Update (November 18, 2015): the site is offline, except for a hosted backup.

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