Third thoughts on Windows 10: A two of five

My experiences of Windows 10 are split between use on a tablet and use on a desktop.

The tablet experience was terrible. Not being recognized as a touchscreen tablet meant that touch scrolling was completely absent and touch keyboard was missing completely. I had to use OSK with no touch delay to enter text and even passwords. Interesting note: Windows recovery environment (WinRE) included with Windows 10 recognized my tablet as a tablet… which let me reinstall Windows 8.1. I’m back on 8.1 and am quite happy to be back there. Rating: 1/5 or less.

On the desktop, the upgrade lead me to some odd effects, but overall the system still works. HOWEVER… it doesn’t do anything more for me. Nothing that I could do on Windows 7 is any easier/better on 10. Some things are harder. For some reason the Start menu is even less customizable. I can’t make the Downloads directory into a menu, only a link. The Taskbar is stuck with this black color. Rating: 3/5

Average: 2/5

I suggest waiting this one out. Microsoft seems to be innovating for the sake of saying they are innovating. The Windows user interface and experience in 7 was fine for – I’m guessing – 90+% of its users on desktops and laptops, while Windows 8[.1] was a useful adaptation for touchscreen devices like tablets. Windows 10, to me, is a derogation from both.

1 thought on “Third thoughts on Windows 10: A two of five

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