Drop by wire; imagining impossible things

Playing around with VirtualBox‘s new release (Version 51) I’ve discovered that when you drag and drop a file from your system to the guest system in the virtual machine, you get this as a progress dialog:


I always enjoyed these metaphors of making physical objects out of (mostly) nonphysical objects. I can see in my mind “loading” and “moving” data with a crane. I’ve been doing this since forever: Many many years ago, say 15 or so, I ran across a book of photoshop exercises. I remember the cover, and one of the exercises, was some farmer dude holding canning jars full of… lightning. There were others, but that was the one I remember the most. I loved the idea and the image of being able depict and draw mentally together the real and unreal.

I’m sure the book had some crap with gradients in it too, since it was that time of web design.

  1. Highly recommended. It’s free and twice as natural. 

1 thought on “Drop by wire; imagining impossible things

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