Entertaining company names

The origin of the “InExObs” (inexplicable objects) I sometimes blog about had a running series called “Who named the business?” (part 1) where the author would comment on unusual (usually stupid sounding) business names.

Here are two that I’ve patronized, though I don’t think they are stupid, but entertaining:

  • Exuberant software – A dude’s effort to make a “Service Pack” for Windows 98’s seeming myriad patches. No longer updated or very useful, it was a useful tool back in the darker days of Windows 9x. Still the name, which means highly enthusiastic, was memorable in its own right.

  • Resplendence software – A site of Windows utilities. I do recall thinking at the time that the name, which means displaying exceptional beauty, was odd for programs with not so hot user interfaces. Hopefully they’ve gotten better at that.

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