ADP’s broken recruiting wizard; or, what school hands out criminal records?

Automatic Data Processing, or just “ADP”, is a payroll processor that has evidently branched out into things like recruiting and other HR fields. I was applying for a position at a local(ish) engineering firm. Like most companies, they outsource it to a third party party firm (here, ADP) who supplies the front and back ends. The firm supplies the information about the job openings and ADP creates this webpage that then allows people to apply.

For some reason (I don’t know if this is ADP’s fault or the employer) the result is a mess:


(Click to inlarge immage)

First off, note that there are two “4-A” lines. Hopefully in the recording database these are kept separate.

Second, and most important, the logical flow is completely disrupted. Lines “3”, “4-A” (the first one) and “5-A” (also the first one) are entirely out of place. 5-A (do you have a criminal record?) has nothing to do with subsequent “5” questions (what school did you go to?).

It’s not impossible to navigate through, but it really does not make the firm look professional, or even competent.

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