Unknown chick tenatively identified

When ordering the chicks I selected the offer of getting a free “unknown” chicken in addition to the rest. I think it is a Faverolles. If so, I’ll be interested to see how it does in the winter here, with all those feathers and even a beard!

The peepaz (I have no idea why I started calling them that, other than “peeps” sounding too saccharine) have been growing steadily. The little Cochin is still growing slowly. The two white Wyndots are very active, although one had an incipient case of bumbelfoot that I had to pull out. The one is the most adventurous and will perch on the edge of the brooder box when I take the screen off the top. I’m a-brooding them in a large cardboard box from the 1960s in a workshop, and so have a screen over the top to keep them out of the workshop. Of course they have food and water in the brooder constantly.


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