A bad HR website form

I have some sympathy for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics since their acronym is “OCD”, usually short for “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, but they have a terrible front end to their job board:


Where to start here? It appears they started with the idea that every entry would have three attributes: City, State and Country. This works for places like “Raritan,NJ,US”, although spaces would be nice. “PompanoBeach” is a little iffy (seriously, did they not have the ability to put spaces in names?). “HighWycombe,Buckinghamshire,UK” is pushing it, although a place named High Wycombe sounds beautiful.

Things really start breaking down when we get to places like “,Prague,CZ” which evidently doesn’t have a state or region. On the other hand, the first entry (I’m not going to type all of that) is a city in a federal country (Mexico), but has a spurious leading comma. The second one though is really terrible. I can’t even tell how to break that up into words and read it. Fortunately I’m not apply for a job in France.

The website is hosted by a third party provider of HR tools, so Ortho could either fix theirr drop down menu OR pick up and move to a different provider. Either way I recommend this list be fixed so it isn’t so ugly to prospective hires.

And yes I know some people will say “You should be happy they are hiring at all!”. I disagree. If you’re going to put up a hiring website, you shouldn’t look grossly unprofessional.

PS. Returning to the website to check on past applications, I found out that you can’t login and check previous applications. This is the ONLY HR website I’ve found that doesn’t have that functionality.


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