I get my best ideas when they are least useful

I am sure this is not just me. There HAVE to be other people out there with the same issue as I am going to disclose I have. Specifically, I get really rockin’ ideas… when I’m about to fall asleep. You know, that liminal state where you are aware you’re close to sleep when you remember it later on, but are still able to think awake. Fun stuff happens then… and you’re usually too tired to care to write it down, or even speak it out loud, since you’re just about to go to sleep and only want to sleep.

The upshot of this is when I could be putting out highly well thought out (I feel) blog posts, I’m not. I also rarely remember what I was going to blog about, so I can’t just do it in the morning. Additionally, when I wake up I usually have future work to do, which I attack first.

I will see what I can do in the future, but I’m sure I’ll lose some of my best ideas to tiredness and sleep.


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