Creative will dryup

I have a problem that’s not quite writer’s block, but writing block. I have ideas to write, images to scan, comments to come up with on various old nonsense (InExObs), but no interest in doing so. Other things take time, even when they are completely pointless timewasters (like playing strategy games) that have no long term value, or really even short term value.

I promise I will try harder to get through my backlog of InExObs and similar matter. I need to somehow remind myself every week or so to do this for you who have subscribed to my blog and expect posts and not just deadness in return.

I don’t know if this is just me either. One of my favorite blogs, 8bitfics, has also gone quiet lately. Which is too bad since her work is quite excellent.

Also I discovered a blog on thermodynamics! Oddly, it is possible to blog about thermo. It is named carnotcycle. You kind of have to know about thermo to get much of it, but the available specific beauty of the science is visible in the graphs.

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