Moar about ChiCkens

I finally ordered my little chicks for June delivery. I had to make some changes in the order from the previous post. Now I’m a-getting:

  • White orpingt0ns – A nice breed, but I’m tired of yellow colored cycens.
  • White wyandot – I had one once before, it was a nasty cycen. This will be better?
  • Black and White Jersey giants – Huge CHICKENS. I will enjoy picking them up.
  • Barr’d Rock – No experience with this type.
  • CoChins!! – These are the best ever for cute-ness.
  • DOminiques – That is actually how you spell it. Although American origin, they have a Frenchified name.
  • A Dorking Cock – These are such fun little torpedoe birds on their small legs.
  • New Hampshire – For history
  • Australorp – These look pretty and lay eggs quite notoriously.
  • Ameriaucana – Just for the egg color.
  • Rhode Island – Also history
  • and one random one.

I also found out, via Wikipedia, that the formal name for “Frenchification” is “Francization”


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