Xerox unprofessionalism

While looking into Xerox’s open jobs, I found this blatantly unprofessional posting:


See the problem? The font face and size change in the middle of a bullet point. This is offensive. The jobs they have posted are aimed at college graduates and in some cases, people with doctorates. Instead of respecting their intellect and education, they put up this slop. I’m not talking about their internal names for stuff or buzzwords. Someone didn’t even bother to preview their posting or check it after it went up to make sure it was presentable.

While this posting was the one that got me to make this post, I’ve seen many companies besides Xerox put up trash like this. Did their HR people never go to college or have to edit together different people’s work into a single document? This looks like a classical freshman copy and paste plagiarism attempt, not a job posting from a Fortune 500 company.


One thought on “Xerox unprofessionalism

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