ChiCkens for All

I am currently planning to lay in a stock of maybe 10 chicks in a converted shed as my coop.

There are some beautiful breeds out there that I seriously want. I’m thinking of:

  • Cochins – These notorious chickens have massive amounts of feathers and are soft to pick up and pet. They also will lay eggs when they are not BROODY.

  • Dorkings – These little torpedoe birds are named after a place in the United Kingdom, rather than anything in particular about them.

  • Ameraucana – They lay tinctured eggs, a bluish green color.

  • Giant chickens – From my state of New Jersey. They are huge. The cocks especially.

  • Wyndot – These are beautiful birds in all their colors. They can be large, but they have little flat pack combs on their heads and a tail.

  • Orpington or Australorp – Very notorious egg layers.

  • NH or RI reds – For historique purposes.

  • A maran just for the black eggs.

Ofcourse I would love an Ayam Cemani, but they are expensive and also don’t like cold Weather.

One of my neighbors wants the chickens too, so I would ofcourse share some with her. She lives across a busy high-way.


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