Aggravations @mylibrary

I’ve been doing volunteer library work lately and have run across an annoying… no, not a patron! To my surprize and delight, all of the patrons I’ve had to deal with personally have been polite and appropriate. I’ve tried to be the same in return.

To my annoyance, one of the trustees of the library has decided to take an animus to us checking patrons out and materials in and otherwise helping out at the circulation desk. By “us” I mean every volunteer who isn’t old enough to collect retirement.

This is seriously wearing on my mind, since I don’t like conflict like this, but I know I shouldn’t let her steamroll me and the rest of us. Nothing usual is distracting me, and even more so, the librarian herself is worried about this.

Apologies to whoever invented the “@yourlibrary” tagline.


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