United for Learning

Back in the 1970s (based on the cover art), three companies decided to come together (merge or acquire): Knowledge Aid, Filmstrip House and Moreland-Latchford. They formed:

United Learning!

I have to say, that was just the most 1970s cover art ever. The colors, the rounded shapes, the abstract plant in the middle of it all and the fontface.

This particular legal sized box held filmstrips about:


The immune system.

Doing some cursory research on these firms turns up the following:

Knowledge Aid

This name has been taken over by a charity, so it’s almost impossible to find out anything about the previous one of that name online.

Filmstrip House

WorldCat has a few, like these.


Same as above on WorldCat. A Canadian firm, their films can be also read about here on ScreenCulture.

For anyone interested, United Learning’s sometime address is 6633 W. Howard Street, Niles, Illinois 60648, currently occupied by the owners of a questionable web presence, Joseph Electronics.

If anyone has any information or stories about these firms I would be glad to hear them.

3 thoughts on “United for Learning

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  2. Chris Pickering

    My father helped start this company. It was first called Knowledge Aid and it was a division of a screen manufacturer – today we would say that they wanted to create content for their hardware. And yes, they came together with those other companies you mentioned to form United Learning. They were owned by the Milwaukee Journal Corporation and, eventually, sold to Discovery Networks. I would dearly love to see some of the old materials my father helped to create.


    1. FlowCoef Post author

      When I scanned and posted that, I was internally certain this post would be one of the least looked at here. My best advice is to go here: https://www.worldcat.org/search?q=au%3AKnowledge+Aid+(firm) :and select each entry. WorldCat will automatically return the libraries reporting the item. You would have to list which libraries had the most items to contact or visit. Be careful about the Interamerican University (Puerto Rico) Library that Google thinks is in Connecticut.



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