The sadness of the library-less days

It’s deep winter here, so there is snow on the ground and an oppressive gray sky. I find it hard to even write this out. It is a sunless Sun Day here, which makes it hard to stay awake. No mail, and the library is closed.

I’ve been volunteering at the library for a while recently. This makes today even harder, since the library is closed today. Friday I had to help someone who was looking for antient tax forms for research and documentation. That was actually quite fun. What wasn’t so fun was the person who came in very late and kept us there untill after closing time picking out DVDs. Her job runs late though, so I can understand why she was there so late. I think she lives in public housing, so the library is probably important to her.

There is so much I COULD be doing today, but I am so tired for no certain reason. A muffled thought in my mind asks, “am I actually writing, or just imagining it while I mash keys incoherently?” I hope I’m still writing logically.


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