Local lost business

Something I have tangentially mentioned previous is an interest in major businesses that once existed, but have disappeared prior to the existence of the Internet, or were being “old school” at the time and refused to put much online. Here’s another one.

From what I can find online, namely a New York Times note from 1986, the company called Gioia (located Buffalo, New York) made pasta products like macaroni from 1910 onwards, but was bought out by some British firm than then sold to Borden, a notorious company. Eventually the brand appears to have been lost.


I don’t find a date on this box, other than a stamped “24 68” that might mean 1968 or lot number 68 or machine 68 or who knows what. At the time though, 10 pounds of elbow macaroni made from “extra fancy No. 1 semolina” cost either 1.89 USD or 189 USD. I can’t tell which because they didn’t make any indication of a decimal point.

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