Greenheck psychrometric software license fail

While working on some homework problems that involved air conditioning, I decided to try and find some software that would be able to “read” a psychrometric chart better than I could.

For simplicity, a “psych chart” is an extraordinarily complex graph that lets you find out things like humidity and dew point for moist air. Because of the complexity, it’s easy to misread it. If I could find some software that would provide the data directly, that would help.

The first piece of software I found was by the hilariously named Greenheck from Wisconsin. Their psych chart software had some bizarre user interface problems, but the most amusing one was related to their license conditions.

Although they don’t explain it to you, the version you can download is the “standard” version that is effectively neutered. The “PROFESSIONAL” version (the program always capitalizes it like that) lets you do things like use metric units. Evidently printing out your chart was supposed to be limited to the pro version as well, but it isn’t! If you go to File > Print… it throws up an error that you have to buy the professional version to print… and then it prints anyway! Farce!


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