Organic humor

A triplicate or “hat trique” of 5th grade humor on organs. Don’t worry, it’s neither unsafe for work nor lunch.

First, a particular Wikipedian vandalism against an occasionally controversial subject: electronic organs. Specifically, what they sound like v. “real” organs. For evidense, take this edit to Wikipedia on the subject.

Secondly, from a blog I fondly follow, ALB, comes this entry on “small organs” and assistants who “blow” them via their “manual labour”.

Finally, the Spencer Orgoblo:

Taken from the September 1920 “Etude”

I used to have a larger ad for this, but have since lost it. Still, the company exists yet (though no longer making orgoblos). The complete documentation can be downloaded from their support site (I copied it all incase it disappears). Evidently these affairs were quite highly regarded within their field. Something like the Model M of organ blowers it appears.

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