Striking Original Research

Although reverted as vandalistic, the following edit, to “Myers Park High School” was, I strongly believe made honestly by the self-signed author, “TC ’07”. I salute his/her/their dedication to documentation of this important piece of information and likely archeological resource for the future. I’m serious when I say that.

”’SC – (New Wing)”’ – Because this is in one of the newer buildings its bathroom is better furnished and has more overall appeal. Nice tile on the floors and walls make it easy to clean, which it often is. The “push” faucets in for the sinks are certainly a nuisance but can be quickly mastered after years of experience.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s
4th Overall (great size, location, and cleanliness make it one of MP’s top 5)”

”'(Old Wing)”’ – These bathrooms show a significant amount of aging and what seems like less attention to cleanliness. Most doors shut and lock making them still somewhat manageable which is understandable considering they are the closest bathrooms to the Cafeteria
”2 Men’s, 2 Women’s
7th Overall (location is very common, but for some reason it gets less attention than it deserves)”

”’S Building”’ – The only knock common to these bathrooms is availability. Although there are two for each gender (one on each floor), each bathroom only has 4 stalls (or combination of stalls and urinals), making for frequent lines. New to 2006 are the replacement of the old “push” faucets making them much more user friendly. Because of the proximity to classes, it is an absolute necessity that these are kept absolutely clean – and the custodial staff does so amazingly.
”2 Men’s, 2 Women’s
5th Overall (although frequently clean and new, lower its appeal)”

”’LA Building”’ – An obvious artifact from the older campus. The entire LA building has 1 bathroom for each gender. Being the link from the lower campus to the upper campus, the LA building has the most traffic per minute between classes of all the buildings. If a student hopes to drop trow in the classic language building, he or she should arrive quickly! Lines are known to be commonly over 4-5 people long for the Men and easily reaching 10 for the women. All time records include 11 for the Men during the PSAT of ’02 and 16 for the Women between Final Exams ’04. Again, because so many people constantly use these restrooms, they are given much attention but are also trashed fairly quickly.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s
8th Overall (most commonly used and it shows)”

”’CB Building”’ – Part of the lower campus, this building has two stories but only one squatspot for each Men and Women. Buried in the upper level like a cave, the lack of lighting can often resonate the same aura. These bathrooms commonly have technical malfunctions including broken flushers and broken faucets. Because they never have paper towels, it is obvious that the staff doesnt pay this one an adequate amount of attention.
”1 Mens’, 1 Women’s
9th Overall (grossly under sized but relatively clean considering the traffic)”

”’Math Building”’ – The butt of all bathroom jokes. This place is a mess. Doors that dont close or lock, papertowel dispensers older than Mr. Eisenmann, and the memory of the $.25 a blow incident of ’04, all taint this hole. Given that the Math building isn’t one of the nicer buildings, it’s bathrooms completely shame the Subject of Numbers. The location relative to the entrance to the building also create mass hysteria when lines begin to accumulate out each door. The Math’s Can is notorious for being a place to not spend more than 90 seconds.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s
13th Overall (horrid smelling, rust encompassed, and completely inadequate)”

”’Vocational, Technical, Physics”’- The remainder of the lower campus each bring up the rest of the bottom 4 ranking just better than Math because each gets considerably less use than #13. The technical building’s restrooms are quaint 2-seaters, which can cause major log-jams if closer bathrooms aren’t used. The Vocational Building could easily be worse than Math building if it was more commonly used. Overall it lacks the facilities (2 person per bathroom), cleanliness, and useful appliances (ie mirrors). Physics, which falls between CB and Vocational, is the last of the old campus and although it’s clearly dated an well overdue for a facelift, it is kept well stocked and lacks most traffic. All of the lower campus could deal with a few adjusted screws and fixed doors but overall if you are in the lower campus, you can definitely find a personal throne.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s (each)
10th, 11th, 12th (old, but not as commonly used as others)”

”’Auditorium”’ – Not to be confused with the performing arts building, this entrance to MP’s auditorium has some of the cleanest bathrooms. Placed on either side of the entrance, it is essential that these get thorough cleaning before and after each event held on the stage. Because not many classes are held in the auditorium itself, the doors are often locked to the entrance making these bathrooms highly inaccessible during school hours. If one were to input much energy into his task, he would definitely be rewarded with privacy comparable to home.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s
3rd Overall (Privacy and well kept)”

”’Auditorium – Performing Arts Classes”’ – Where the chorus, theatre, band, and orchestra classes are held, this buildings bathrooms have seen much worse. Lines can accumulate in the 4 stalled, old-style restrooms, but because it is more or less reserved for 3 classrooms, too long of a wait is uncommon. The sinks work well and the bathrooms are constantly stocked with necessities.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s
5th Overall (The highest any old campus building could get, it is a great example of attention causing comfort)”

”’Gym”’ – These bathrooms are much more like rooms. Huge, spacious areas inside are very accomodating for large crowds. Because people from outside the school’s staff and student body see these restrooms, they are clean and stocked. Full mirros, “turn on” faucets, and the ability to hold 10 people make these divine. Much like the Auditorium, the entrance to the upstairs facilities is often kept locked during school hours making it hard to get to but well worth the effort.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s (Each huge)
2nd Overall (New building style, constant attention to cleanliness, and high privacy)”

”’AG Building”’- The administration and guidance building truly brings meaning to the word “throne.” Although it is right off of the hall from the front office to the attendance office, these spots are scarcely used. This can be attributed to the consideration that the main citizens of the AG building are staff members who have access to staff bathrooms. The public facilities show sanitation equal to that of home. Clean seats, warm water, and mopped floors all reflect the lack of use the building’s restrooms receive. Well worth the 4 minute hike from almost anywhere on campus.
”1 Men’s, 1 Women’s
1st Overall”
-TC ’07

The apostrophies are leftover Wikipedian markup. I wish students at other schools kept this much information stored forever. Besides providing means of reminiscing, consider the utility this will have in all manner of future researches. Wikipedia has more use than anyone knows.

EDIT: I have retituled the post and made some other changes to make it clear that this edit, although not accepted by Wikipedia, was certainly not “vandalism”.


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