Games that (should) Live Forever: Glider PRO

Most everyone who has lived for a while with a PC or Macintosh (or other device) has found at least one thing they just think is such a classic it should never die. I have at least three.

Oddly, the one I’m a-going to feature today is made solely for Macintoshes, specifically the so-called “Classical”, but really original, version of the systems. Consequently, it won’t run on modern “correct” Macintoshes but requires an emulator. I actually never really played it on its native platforme because I didn’t really like Macintoshes and so didn’t have one. I used the BasiliskII emulator to get System 7.5.5 up and running and therefore had a platform to run it on.

First of all, the game itself is based on the idea of paper airplanes, specifically semi-magical, semi-technical ones. You don’t fold them, but you do fly them. You go through a house to pick up magical stars. The bonus items are clocks (that actually tell the correct time) because, as the author, John Calhoun said, “everyone always wants more time”.

I wish I could even begin to describe the amazing feeling that comes from playing the game. It’s peace, calm and innocency, yet highly addictive and replayable. Even when you get an unwanted “gameover” the ragequit isn’t really a “rage” quit, it’s more of a “sigh” quit. To my knowledge, it is absolutely unique. To see what I mean, you can listen to the music and/or play a web-based version of it:

I highly recommend both of them.

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