Presenting the WIDE FORM birth certificate!

Turned this up in the files belonging to someone else at my grand mother’s place. It’s a birth certificate from 1890’s Britain under the “Births and Deaths Registration Acts, 1836 to 1874”. Even though the person is long dead, I’ve decided to wipe out the specifics. If someone wants the original for, say, Wikipedian illustration or similar they are welcome to it, just leave a comment and I will reply to it.

Note that there is NO seal or other security printing that I can find. The principal protection appears to be the odd shape of the paper and the serious warning omg that you could get 14 years at hard labor by forging the thing. This was well before state granted pensions, so I’m not sure why you would forge a paper like this at the time, to be honest. Anyone know?


Click for larger image.

I added the “birtherism” tag as a satyr because of the size of this thing. I’m not claiming it has any relation to the current president.

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