New characters in the English language alphabet

One of the more annoying parts of English appears to be the fact there are some digraphs. The most common are “sh”, “ch” and “th” for their respective sounds. I propose using three new characters to replace these sounds:

For “th”, we use instead “8”.
For “ch”, we use instead “4”.
For “sh”, we use instead “2”.

For those who know Greek alphabet, the “8” looks like a lowercase theta, which represents the “th” sound. “4”, when written with an open counter, appears like the Cyrillic letter that represents “ch”. The nearest glyph to “sh” sound would be the Cyrillic one, but it looks like a W, so we can’t use that. Instead we use “2” because that follows the pattern established by “8” and “4”. The other option would be “6”, but that looks like a G.

So, for a sample:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. 8ey are endowed wi8 reason and conscience and 2ould act towards one ano8er in a spirit of bro8erhood.

Note that the “ch” in “conscience” was left alone. These aren’t supposed to be replace all instances of the sounds, but only those represented by the digraphs. This will make replacement of existing text much easier, almost machine capable.


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