Molesting hawks

For your consideration, I attach the following random scan from one of those old “know it all” books. This appears to have been written in the 1800s some time. The subsection this came from was entituled, “Hits for the Farmer and His Wife”. Ofcourse the farmers were all men.

I have NO idea about the validity of these “hints” and take no responsibility if hawks are actually attracted to your guinea hens. I’m certainly told that they like to eat ticks though and sqwawk like anything. To be honest I’m suspicious of the entire page since it’s mostly openly admitted to be hearsay and in one case, a nursery rhyme!

FarmershintsClique to inlarge

I suspect this is British because it refers to a shilling, but that was also common language for a number of United States coins in the early part of the 1800s.


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