An entertaining Wikipedian vandalism

Although most noted as a vandal reverter, I can appreciate the humorous vandalism when it occurs. For example, while reading about a small and generally ignored place in New York (the state not the city), I discovered that it:

[…] is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can legally marry one’s cow.

Additionally, we have a list of “entertainment and recreation”:

There are a number of popular attractions […], including […], Van Nostrand *Full Service Gas Station*, […].

Having been through there once in my life I can confirm it is a little noplace.

2 thoughts on “An entertaining Wikipedian vandalism

  1. Sarah

    My cello teacher once read a Wikipedia article about the greatest cellists. After scrolling through some of the usual names, she came across a suspiciously familiar name. Turns out that one of her former students had edited the article.


    1. flowcoef Post author

      I’m somewhat surprized that they would have an articel with such a subjective theme. As to the student editor, lameness. Blowing your own horn like that is universally tasteless.



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