Gutenbergery: Pick the odd one out

While I’m still OCRing a Google PDF of a public domain book, I thought I’d provide this little piece of Gutenbergery.

From “The Study of Elementary Electricity and Magnetism by Experiment” by Thomas M. St. John, we have this description of the value of electricity under human control:

It signals without wires. It drills rock, coal, and teeth. It cures diseases and kills criminals. It protects, heats, and ventilates houses. It photographs the bones of the human body. It rings church bells and plays church organs. It lights streets, cars, boats, mines, houses, etc. It pumps water, cooks food, and fans you while eating. It runs all sorts of machinery, elevators, cars, boats, and wagons. It sends messages with the telegraph, telephone, and search-light. It cuts cloth, irons clothes, washes dishes, blackens boots, welds metals, prints books, etc., etc.

Find the odd one out

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