More educational ephemera: Sunspinners

Further digging turned up this slightly more complete piece of educational past.


I desperately want to know if this style of abstract illustration was a “thing” for textbooks back in the 70s, or if it was just “The Economy Company” and their I-suppose-economical way of avoiding printing photographs on the cover? By the way, why call a textbook publisher “The Economy Company”? Doesn’t make you sound somewhat desperately cheap?

Here is the titul page:


I doubt it was very cheap to include that much color on the title page, but then again, maybe the “Economy” meant they liked to publish textbooks on economics and only branched out into children’s textbooks? The pre-Internet dissolution of this firm means data on it is hard to find. I’m not even sure how I would go about it if I was in Oklahoma City. Call the Chamber of Commerce and ask for the oldest person there?

Finally, here is the table of contents:


It does appear to be about the environment and conservation. Also, why does “Environmental Eyesores” have no author?

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