Shifty Sam Hinks the banker, inviting systemic disaster.

I found this in an old LIFE magazine from August 20, 1971. The pages were larger than A4, so I could only partially scan it.


Aside from the odd name of the firm, though logical given its long history to then, what a shifty pair of loan “men”! The one on the right looks like a 1920s used car dealer with his noxious necktie and stand up collar and probable cellophane flower in his lapel. His expression is peculiarly malevolent, like he knows you’re going to default on it but can’t stop yourself signing it. His nose appears to have been punched by a desperate debtor at least once. Probably in his early days before he could spot a “mark” as well as he does now.

His fellow on the left is a little more soberly dressed, and appears uneasy at his fellow loan officer. He must be the one who knows a bad credit risk when he sees one and wonders why on Earth his bank would willingly court bad debts and probable frauds. His nose is still intact, which suggests he knows how to get rid of unwanted clients: pass them on to Shifty Sam Hinks1, though at the cost of his conscience. “Why did I go into banking to begin with?”

  1. Sam Hinks was the name of a bandit in an old film. I needed one, so I used that. 

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